03 april 2013


What did I get myself into? Since February I've been working on this project, officially my mentors would correct me it's not a project, it's an operation... It's about me figuring out what I wanna do in my life and working on my idea from start to finish in the next few months to make it possible. Opening my own business or getting a new job would be great. After all that is the goal, to be a successfull individual. Today I'm linking you to our Facebook site - despite the fact it's all in Slovenian language only. But based on my experience whole EU is aiming to get young people employed, or involved into some business. This is it for now. Expect some make over on my blog SOON! As I keep growing (or I hope I am) so does my blog - and it needs some make over... :)

30 oktober 2012


...smell of snow in the air.cinnamon.ginger.cookies.hot cacao. all points out that winter is coming... not ready for snow by far.. it surprised me.pushed me way ahead to times I'm not ready for. yet. ...in that kinda mood... ..been thinking too much again.about my life.about some people.and how perfect stranger can be nicer than someone you once shared your bed.learning about people every single day.am I? I try to. but I think I'm failing... getting trapped in their reasons.their excuses.their ways. ...sunny day.and my mind is away again.lost in some plans for traveling.lost in the waves of my mind.my soul.

21 september 2012

summer ending

this saturday I'm off for some positive energy with couple of my friends - artists... :) we're putting our art on display for the second time on a flea market in Piran, Slovenia - at one of the most beautiful little town squares in Slovenia. if you're near by drop in, we'll be happy to see you. I'm on the new beginnings...wanna start all over. but that's for the next post... getting my room redone... ;) hugs!

07 marec 2012


...find myself trapped in ...dreams... and imagination...it's funny how vivid your imagination can be sometimes...in your dreams. and you wake up feeling every little thing about that dream.

I've been drawing lately. getting things ready form my exhibition in April. can't wait. hope I get everything done by than. the title of it is ''everything I wanna say to you...'' and it's about little posctards bw drawn in detail...about my dreams words feelings love all wrapped up in lines, and dots.

I miss him. miss not talking to him every day. miss thinking what he's thinking. wondering what it is he's dreaming... dreams can be such a great thing.

have a great day! ;) DON'T EVER STOP DREAMING!

21 februar 2012

little things

...it's been awhile.and it takes awhile.to cope.to understand.to figure out.what it is I'm doing wrong.

little things.you do.the smile on your face.the look in your eyes.that big hug only you can give.

I stop and wonder.what was it.what makes you run away.what makes you build walls of silence. what makes you...ignore me. I start to write to speak my mind.tell you every single thing I feel. I dream. I wonder about. and than I change my mind. you're not there. my words are echos. vanishing in the air. I am nothing.I seas to be.

and I go through it all.step by step.wonder what I did wrong.wonder where my smile made you sad. wonder where my words made you crumble.

little things.I need from you. and yet you give me nothing.

06 november 2011

can't you see my world is crumbling....

...can't even imagine how I can start to write about this...my world is crumbling... and at the same time I know her world is crumbling even more.nothing to do.nowhere to go.no one to talk about.if I could.turn back time.erase some people.make some people communicate.if I could.but I can't.I can't even make them feel any better.I can't fix their lives.I can't do anything.but write.and cry.and hope things will work out.and hope they'll will come to their senses.and hope they'll will start talking.and hope everything will be fine.

can't you see...
my world is crumbling...

you can't see.you don't care.even if you could see.hate this life sometimes.hate the actions people do.without thinking.without considering others.I hate people.above all.I do.hate people.and feelings.

I wanna start the conversation.I want to start the debate.but I can't.I can't get myself to that.to loosing them.and yet I know I will have to do it. just don't know where I'll end up.if I will still exit.after.even now I'm fading with every single day.I'm loosing myself.my heart.my soul.my days. I'm breaking down in pieces.

29 maj 2011

keep calm

probably shouldn't write. so that's why it takes so long. keep thinking of you. again. and again. and again. and again. (right now my friend would kill me coz I still do) still can't understand. even now. when you are just some stranger (u choose to be) still can't comprehend. what happened. (now I lie)
the differences between us make no difference. in love. in hate - they do. in love nothing does. maybe hate is a bit harsh... maybe not. depends who's talking to you. I'm sure she'd agree. can't believe I don't like her coz you're being stupid. hate myself coz of that. hate myself for being the one that keeps thinking about all of this like it used to mean something.

it's a few things that bother me. that keep me getting to my knees. that keep putting me down. few little things wrapped in a golden package. trying to look good. behave now. if you can. if you must. you must. you need to. so people don't get hurt. who cares about hurt. who cares about people. who cares about you.

I gotta be out of my mind. still I feel perfectly fine.the differences between how people treat me and you. the differences. damn differences. love them and hate them at the same time.

just gotta get out of here.leave this place unpacked. leave no trace. make no difference. do nothing wrong. (pretty late for that now although...) listening to music. loosing my mind in that loud rhythm. the louder the better. so I can't hear my thoughts. it works for awhile. it works for that little period of time when I'm not me. when I'm not here. where I don't exit. I sees to be.

lonely day. despite the sun. despite the words. I'm good at words. growing to hate them. growing not to use them ever. not anymore. what good do they bring. what good do they do. meaningless and forgetful.